Students Recital - I Semester 2024

The interpretations of professor Mac McClure’s students. The pedagogical approach of maestro McClure reflected in the interpretation of his students can be seen in this video. See more here

Students recital. A virtual recital by professor Mac's students for the second semester 2023

Once more we have the opportunity to present the outcomes carefully achieved by the students of Maestro Mac through dedicated and special pieces interpreted by these students.

May 2023 end as a prosperous year for everyone.

Click to see our recital here


Participación Festival Internacional de Música Sacra

Cantar del Alma es como se titula esta línea de tiempo del repertorio de piano con la que el maestro Mac McClure hará su participación en el Festival Internacional de Música Sacra de Bogotá – 2023. Vea la programación aquí:

Alumnos graduados de la Maestría en Estudios de Piano

En un honor compartir la lista de alumnos graduados en la Maestría de Estudios de Piano que dirige el maestro Mac McClure durante sus 14 años de labor pedagógica en la Universidad Nacional. Enhorabuena a todos los estudiantes y a la gran labor del maestro McClure. 

Alumno graduados de los Estudios de Piano, del maestro Mac McClure

Es un honor compartir la lista de alumnos graduados del Maestro Mac McClure, durante sus 14 años de ejercicio como docente de los Estudios de Piano de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Enhorabuena a todos los estudiantes que honran la labor pedagógica del maestro McClure.

The future of performers: a matter addressed by Mac McClure in interview with Svetlana Stone.

Nowadays the path for interpreters is strongly bound to social, emotional and interactional skills rather than the sole musical mastery. This is one of the themes addressed by professor Mac McClure in interview with Svetlana Stone. Listen and watch this fascinating interview around the interpreter's career today and in the past through his own experience as an interpreter and professor.

"Bach, Haydn, Mozart" a CD review by the Catalan magazine Revista Catalana Musical

“Bach, Haydn, Mozart” is the name of the CD released by Mac McClure in 2021, where he majestically evokes the interpretation of some of his favorite composers. Revista Musical Catalana, delivers a magnificent review on a magnificent work.

Read the English review here and click also the link to Revista Musical Catalan

Interview for RTVE Spanish channel

In a wonderful interview, RTVE brings together maestro Mac McClure and his teacher from the past, the renowned pianist and composer Carlota Garriga, to show us a fascinating musical encounter. Listen to the details of this interview here rtve aquí.

Master Class at FILBO 2022

During the book fair FilBO 2022, Casa MEDINA PIANOS in the city of Bogotá, presents on April 29th, 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.,  an open master class conducted by professor Mac McClure, with participation of students and public in general. For more information, please visit:


HJUT 106.9 Radio Station in Bogotá as a musical milestone of classical music in our city, will have professor and interpreter Mac McClure as guest on 12th February, at 3:00 P.M., reprised on13th February, at 10:00 A.M. Do not miss this worthy encounter out 

Student's prize

Master Mac McClure's teaching is always surrounded by big gratification. On this occasion, it is a pleasure to share with you the news about two awards that Julián Camilo Avendaño a second year student of the Master's Degree in Pedagogy and Interpretation at the National University of Colombia (UNAL), won in competitions held in Colombia and U.S.A. News through the UN News Agency. We invite you to read this news.

A singular duo on stage

For the best closure possible for the present year Caros Higuita and Mac McClure presented a concert with a varied and lively repertoire, as well as a particular staging, which deserved an interesting review by the Banco de la República. This was part of the closing of the National Concert Season 2021. We invite you to read the article. 

Carlota Garriga, new album

The intimate and instinctive music of Carlota Garrica, in her indisputable spontaneous style, appears in the majestic interpretation of Mac McClure and the precise company of Marisa Martins, to bring us the most beautiful compositions of this Spanish pianist and composer, who was a pupil of Frank Marshall in his time.